Fire Festival Tips and Locations

June 21, 2009 at 1:11 pm (Achievements, World Events)

Fire Festival is here which means only 2 steps to go until Long Strange Trip. Unfortunately Brewfest is still a good 3 months away, but Midsummer does make for a good world event so I’m happy.
There’s some issues at the moment with getting the necessary currency. If you honored or desecrated fires last year you can’t do them this year, which is leaving people without the blossoms they need to buy the various items needed for the achievement. So:

Some tips if you want to get the Fire Festival achievement done fast or if you are looking for ways to eek out those last few blossoms:

You can honor and desecrate all the flames in Northrend for 120 blossoms. See the list below for locations

Kill Ahune for the 20-40 if you didn’t do last year. You also get a pretty Tabard and some awful level 70 epics although the Scythe is very pretty and he drops a pet

Steal the flames from the 3 major enemy cities (4 if you didn’t do silvermoon/Exodar last year) for 25 per city. The three major cities are repeatable even if you did them last year because they are part of a quest to get a pretty hat, the Crown of the Fire Festival. You don’t need this hat for anything however. It’s just a pretty halo effect.

If you buy the mantle for the pole dance you can use them and refund them straight away for your 100 blossoms back.

If you’re in a hurry you can buy the torches for juggling in Dalaran on the AH, or trade with a guildy. Using them for the achievement doesn’t destroy them, so have one person buy and use them and then trade them to another person to give them a chance to use them and save yourself some blossoms each.

Once you have the torches bind them to a hot key, make sure you’re in Dalaran and just tap the hotkey, click the targetting circle directly under your character and repeat this over and over. You’ll have about 10 torches in the air at a time and you just stand still and keep pressing and clicking. As a result of this:

You don’t need 40 torches to juggle. Because you catch the torches you throw, you only need about 15 to 20 torches. You’ll be throwing seven or eight in the air and by the time the 8th leaves your hand you’ll have caught the first again. So save yourself some blossoms and only buy fifteen or (play it safe with twenty) torches.

Locations of Northrend Flames:

Dragonblight Horde: Agmar’s Hammer 39,48
Dragonblight Alliance: Wintergarde Keep 75,44
Borean Tundra Horde: Bor’gorok Outpost 51,12
Borean Tundra Alliance: Fizzcrank Airstrip 55,20
Sholazar Basin Horde: River’s Heart 47,62
Sholazar Basin Alliance: River’s Heart 48,66
Storm Peaks: Both at K3
Zul’Drak: Both at Argent Stand
Grizzly Hills Horde: Conquest Hold 19,62
Grizzly Hills Alliance: Amberpine Lodge 34,61
Howling Fjord Horde: Camp Winterhoof 48,13
Howling Fjord Alliance: Fort Wildervar 58,16
Crystalsong Forest Horde: Sunreaver’s Command
Crystalsong Forest Alliance: Windrunner’s Overlook

– Not complied by me, but I’ve confirmed them.

Good luck Flame Keepers.



  1. Eduardo Reboucas said,

    Thank you for supplying the Northrend locations. Hopefully they’ll fix the Azeroth fire desecration/honoring so I can get enough petals for the clothes. Can’t do dailies for the whole extent of this event, sadly.

  2. Krista said,

    Thanks for the tips, especially about returning the mantle for 100 blossoms! I like your site, so keep up the good work and keep updating!

    Thanks again. 🙂

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