Being a Hero: Power Infusion

July 7, 2009 at 10:49 am (5 mans, Being a Hero, Grouping, Healing Mechanics, Power Infusion, Power Infusion, Raiding, Spells, Talents, Ulduar)

Power Infusion Icon

Power Infusion Infuses the target with power, increasing spell casting speed by 20% and reducing the mana cost of all spells by 20%.  Lasts 15 sec.

The fact that it reduces mana cost means it is particularly powerful when use with Divine Hymn, Prayer of Healing and other expensive spells. Even if you use it with cheaper heals you will almost always save more mana than Power Infusion costs, so it should be used as often as possible at least to increase your mana efficiency.

Because it also increases your haste rating it’s also fantastic with long cast time spells, or times when you need to really up your healing output. Fights like Hodir come to mind. When Hodir uses Frozen Blows there is a lot raid damage and you will want to start casting Heals like Prayer of Healing as fast as you can. Something like Power Infusion increases how fast you can cast Prayer of Healing, and decreases it’s cost. So effectively you’re increasing the healing you are doing during this period by 20% for no extra cost. It will make the difference between surviving through tricky raid damage or not. Plus it’s fun to see your Priest flail his/her arms around like a fairy as she casts her little socks off.

Power Infusion doesn’t active the global cooldown which means you can use it even during the global cooldown, and you can macro it into your other spells like Penance or Prayer of Healing so that both cast in just one button press.

I macro Power Infusion into my Prayer of Healing spell (replace anything in bold with the appropriate name for you):

#showtooltip Power Infusion
/use name of first trinket
/use name of second trinket
/cast Power Infusion [target=player]
/cast Prayer of Healing

Prayer of Healing is not something I cast particularly often so it’s a good choice for macro’ing to Power Infusion. If I macro’d Power Infusion into Penance it would probably get used as soon as the cooldown finished and never give me a chance to cast it on another player, or save it for an important moment. By macro’ing it into Prayer of Healing I can be sure that I will have the haste benefit when casting my slowest, most expensive spells. Also it gives me a chance to cast it on other players as well:

Whilst it’s not strictly the theme of these articles Power Infusion is also good for a DPS boost on other raiders. It’s more powerful in 10 mans than 25 mans because one Power Infusion on one player will have more impact in a smaller raid. Use it on high DPS burns like getting Razorscale grounded, Mimiron’s heart, General Vezaxx’s Shadow Residues, Thaddius’ stacks of Postitive or Negative charge etc.

I find in a hectic fight I often forget to use it, or don’t think I have time. So to make it as easy as possible for me to use I’ve got a macro which causes it to automatically cast on certain guild members who I know benefit from haste. So for example:

/cast [target=Player1,exists] Power Infusion
/cast [target=Player2,exists] Power Infusion
/cast [target=target] Power Infusion

Tapping this button once will cast Power Infusion on Player1 if they are present, otherwise on Player2 if present, otherwise it will cast it on my target. So if I’m in a guild raid and the first or second choice players are in the raid then it will cast it on them. On the other hand if I’m in a Pug it will cast it on whoever I’m currently targeting.

Don’t accidentally cast it on Paladin tanks, it makes faeries lose their wings and kittens cry. Leave them for foolish druids to innervate.

Tip: When it comes to tank damage somebody like a paladin will benefit far more from the haste than you will because of their more powerful direct heals. Consider using it on another healer if that will benefit your raid more.


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