Trial of the Champion: Lord Jaraxxus

August 13, 2009 at 6:26 pm (Grouping, Raiding, Trial of the Champion)

Lord Jaraxxus is the second event of the Trial of the Champion Raid on both 10 and 20 man. The fight begins with him killing a gnome, so that’s nice. I really enjoyed this fight, it really felt like a Healer focused encounter.

As with Northrend Beasts, I’ll explain the fight and then try and outline some healing tips.

One thing to bear in mind is that you get a break between the end of Northrend Beasts and Lord Jaraxxus so you have time to rebuff, drink, distribute loot etc.

Lord Jaraxxus

There are a lot of abilities to this fight, but don’t be overwhelmed. It’s essentially an Add fight with a few gimmicks thrown in. So the focus is DPSing Lord Jaraxxus when possible, but killing the things he summons takes priority.

Priority for Melee DPS is Mistress of Pain first, Jaraxxus second.

For Ranged DPS it’s Mistress of Pain, Infernals, Jaraxxus.

So you have a main tank tanking Jaraxxus, any kind will do, but you should know that there is a lot of magic damage, and opportunities to interrupt.

He summons two sorts of adds which will be picked up by a second tank (on 25 man, it’s up to you whether you want to take an additional offtank).

Mistress of Pain

One of those six armed daemon women. She will come out of a large purple gateway that will appear. Her main ability of concern is that she will target a random person, pick them up incapacitating them briefly, and do substantial physical damage to them. On 10 man I was hit for around twelve thousand. Hence killing them fast is important and all DPS should switch to them.


Jaraxxus will also periodically spawn a small green volcano on the ground. This volcano will spit out three or four Infernals. As usual the Infernals do an AoE fire attack on the ground around them, so only ranged should DPS these. They have a sort of “Charge-like” ability where they turn into a ball, float over to a raid member, and then cast their AoE. So the offtank needs to make sure they are reacquring them quickly, and players need tobe smart about moving away from them where possible.

In addition to the adds he also casts a large range of spells including:

Fel Lightning

Essentially just a Chain Lightning attack, but does not reduce or increase in damage every jump. Players need to spread out where possible. Not deadly, but a source of additional raid damage.

Fel Fireball

Fel Fireball is something like Fusion Punch from Iron Council in that it hits the main tank and does substantial damage, and then ticks for damage. The damage tick can be dispelled like Fusion Punch, but also the spell itself can (and should) be interrupted. On 25 man the damage is very significant and can also be buffed by…

Nether Power

A buff Jaraxxus will give himself, five stacks on 10man, 10 stacks on 25 man, each stack giving him 20% more magic damage (so maximum of 100% on 10 man, 200% on 25 man). So this combined with Fel Fireball can kill your tank easily. Similarly having it up makes Chain Fel Fire much more dangerous. Have a Mage Spellsteal the buff if they like, but getting rid of it quickly is important, so you should still have Priests and Shaman dispelling the buff to get it gone.

Now come the two really big abilities, and these are the ones that will kill players.

Legion Flames

A debuff applied to a random player, including the offtank but not the Main Tank as far as I can tell. This debuff causes fire to spawn under the feet of the player every second for 6 seconds and thiis fire will do damage over time. Thus if you stand still you take ticking fire damage, if you move out of the fire you will spread it around the floor. The fire damage is substantial.

I’ve seen two suggestions, one is to heal through it and have players stand still until the debuff has worn off to avoid spreading fire, then move away from it once you are not spawning more. The other is to move in a predetermined direction so that the player avoids the damage, and hopefully the flame is spread to somewhere you aren’t too worried about. Personally I’m a big fan of telling players to move because there is so much damage from this ability. More on this in the healing section.

Incinerate Flesh

A debuff applied to a random raid member, again, I’ve not seen it applied to the main tank. This debuff causes a red fire animation on the player. The player will not take any damage, however they will need to be healed quickly. Any healing done to the player over the next 15 seconds is absorbed. If the debuff absorbs a certain amount (30k on 10 man, 60k on 25man) is fades. However, if it does not absorb enough healing it will explode doing ticking damage to everybody in the raid. The damage is very significant and healing this mechanic needs to be a priority.

Healing this Encounter

I did this fight wednesday night on 10 man for the first time. We one shotted the fight, although mainly through having several combat resurrections, a player using an Ankh, and very high DPS so I wouldn’t say it is very easy.

Healing Assignments:

Have two players assigned to Incinerate Flesh healing. That way you know who is dealing with it, and who is keeping the tanks alive while they do. Bear in mind Shields probably don’t count for the absorb, and that because your heals are absorbed by the ability you won’t be benefitting from Beacon of Light while you heal the Incinerate Flesh target.

You will also need to think about who is healing the main tank, the offtank, targets of Legion Flame and Pain Spike. In some cases these can be the same player as, for example, the offtank does not need massive amounts of healing, and won’t always be tanking. Just make sure that if you are switching to heal a Pain Spiked player that somebody else is watching the offtank.

An addon which shows incoming heals is massively useful here to avoid overhealing each other. If you use Grid, or Xperl, or Perfect Raid there are definitely plugins for those which do this. If you are using something else I’m sure there is something similar for you.

We did this fight with a Resto Druid, a Holy Paladin and a Discipline Priest. The druid was a fantastic source of Raid Healing. The Paladin used Beacon which really simplified Main Tank healing because he was able to go crazy healing the raid. Penance was very useful for getting players back out of the danger area so they didn’t die to incidental damage, but a Holy Priest would also be very effective here given all the raid damage. We had our Enchancement Shaman throw out some Chain Heals as well which was good, but obviously a Resto Shaman could go to town with Chain Heal here.

Watching out for…

Your priority should always be watching your feet. If you are standing in Fire or too close to an Infernal then you are making things harder for yourself.

The Infernals and the Chain Lightning are sources of a lot of damage and you need to be moving away from them. If your raid fail to do so it can really increase the pressure on you. Ultimately however these abilities are not the things that will kill people. If people die it will be because of one of three things:

Either: They will be hit by Mistress of Pain’s Pain Spike which does significant physical damage. This shouldn’t be more than 50% of a player’s health, but given the number of other sources of damage in the fight it is hard to keep everybody topped off. However, obviously do your best to keep people on 60%+ life to avoid them being one shot by this ability.

And/Or: Incinerate Flesh is unlikely to actually kill the person it’s targetted on unless the absorption mechanic means you can’t heal them when you need to. However if this ability goes off it is a lot of extra raid damage and priority healing should always go to this player. You can’t just watch your health bars because the debuff does not actually do damage so the player who need the healing may be (apparently) sitting pretty at full health. Good healing coordination is important here. Don’t all heal him and leave the tank to die. Having two healers deal with Incinerate Flesh (particularly Paladin’s with Beacon of Light up) is plenty.

And/OR Legion Flame: If you don’t watch your feet Legion Flame will kill you. It’s possible to heal through, particularly with the help of Guardian Spirit etc, however, the damage it does is very high, and comes very quickly. Given how much other raid damage is flying around it can be very hard for a healer to spot a player who is taking damage from Legion Flames until it is too late. Thus I thoroughly recommend players running when they have the debuff. It leaves more fire on the floor, but that’s better than losing a player to the massive amount of fire damage.

Spells to use:

Divine Hymn is huge here but you only get to use it once so hold onto it as long as you can.

Prayer of Mending should be up ALL the time. It’s far more useful here than Prayer of Healing because you can’t guarantee people are close together given they need to spread to avoid Chain Fel Fire. Mending on the other hand will leap around and mop up things like Infernal ticks, the odd person stepping in the fire, and even help a lot if you miss an Incinerate Flesh. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep this spell up constantly.

Pain Suppression has uses but it can be hard to find an opportunity because much of the healing is very reactive. Rarely do you have a chance to see damage coming and put Pain Suppression up, usually you are reacting to it. Guardian Spirit on the other hand is much more powerful. Use it aggressively on anybody receiving Pain Spike or Legion Flame. The 40% increased Healing can trivialise Incinerate Flesh if you are having trouble with those.

Also Test of Faith is powerful talent here given how important it is to keep players health up above 50%.

Obviously Fire Resistance Aura or Totem.

Make sure your DPS are interrupting the Fel Fireball, and dispelling or spell stealing the magic buffs he puts on himself. There is too much going on to really expect a Healer to heal and dispel.

To close…

Finally, let me just say that, in an absolute pinch, all these abilities can be healed through, nothing on it’s own is a raid wiper. For example, when I did this fight the tank was hit by a couple of Fel Fireballs, I was hit with a Pain Spike, we had a couple of Incinerate Flesh erupt because we failed to heal enough. Players died, and it put a big strain on the healers, but they were definitely not a game over.

I don’t think this fight is extremely hard, but there are a lot of things to think about and a lot of mistakes to make. Deadly Boss Mods was contantly making noises and shouting at all of us to tell us we were too near this or that ability. It can be overwhelming, but ultimately he doesn’t have that much health, and if you stay focused you can take him down even with the loss of a player or two, just be prepared to heal a lot. A tremendously enjoyable fight.


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