Healing Trial of the Champion: Twin Val’kyr

September 3, 2009 at 6:03 pm (Grouping, Guardian Spirit, Pain Suppression, Prayer of Mending, Raiding, Renew, Trial of the Champion)

I apologise for this article being a little late, my guild didn’t get a chance to raid ToC until Tuesday this week (which in Europe is the day before raids reset) and I’d rather not post tactics without having some personal experience of the encounter. Now that I do:

Twin Val’kyr

Two bosses enter. Fjola Lightbane and Eydis Darkbane

The fight itself is probably the most straightforward of all the ToC fights so far and requires two tanks and probably no more than two healers on 10 man.

When you begin the encounter the two bosses enter from the large double doors at the back of the Arena. They will proceed to stand each side of the centre circle facing towards the raid entrance.

If you stand back when they enter you do not immediately agro them.

If you are facing them you will have the “Dark” Val’kyr on your left, and on your right is the “Light” Val’kyr.

Light and Dark Aura’s

Stationary on the floor in front and behind of each Val’kyr will be a spinning portal-like object, one light and one dark, making four in total. Clicking these swirly portals will give the player a dark or a light aura.

Having the one of these auras will absorb much of the magic damage done by the Val’kyr of the opposite colour. You will also throughout the fight get a DPS boost against the Val’kyr of the opposite colour to your aura. Therefore the Tanks and all the DPS for the Light Val’kyr (for example) should all have the Dark aura to boost their DPS, and mitigate the raid damage they receive.

Each Boss does raid wide ticking magical damage to the entire raid. They also periodically cast some AoE’s around themselves for magical damage. If you have an an aura, either light or dark, it will negate the damage done by one boss so every player, even healers should have one to substantially reduce raid damage (and boost DPS).


It is best to split the raid in half and have tanks and healers pick the portal appropriate for the Val’kyr they are attacking. For healers, either aura is fine but it’s good to have a mix so that you always have some healers healing even when others are swapping aura’s throughout the fight.

The two bosses share a health total so in theory it doesn’t actually matter which you DPS, however for various reasons it’s good to have the raid evenly split between them.


There are only three abilities to worry about.


Firstly the room will periodically be filled with dark and light bubbles. If you have a Dark aura then collecting the dark bubbles will stack a Powering Up buff on you. When this buff reaches 100 stacks you do 100% more damage to the opposite colour Val’kyr. Similarly, if the Val’kyr themselves absorb these bubbles they also gain the stacking buff and will increase their damage if

they collect enough. It is therefore important to array yourselves around the bosses to collect the bubbles and ensure no bubble sneak through.

However, if you touch a bubble the opposite colour to you you take a hit for 7000 on 25 man, less on 10.


Secondly one of the bosses will periodically cast a Vortex. If it is the Dark Vortex then everybody (including both tanks) have to ensure they have the Light aura by the time the cast is complete. This will negate the damage. If you fail to switch in time you will likely die unless you use cooldowns. The aura will also apply large numbers of the Powering Up stack for that colour. So it is possible after this Vortex that many or even all players will have the 100% extra damage buff for that colour. If this is the case then allow them to DPS whichever target they have the buff against, the extra damage is worth some asymmetry in which Val’kyr the raid is DPSing.

Twin’s Pact

Thirdly one of the bosses will shield themselves and begin casting Twin’s Pact, a large heal (for about 20% on both bosses). All players must change target to this boss (don’t worry about changing aura) and DPS down the shield so that the heal can be interrupted by a Pummel, Kick, Wind Shock or similar. To help speed up this process it is smart to not tank the bosses too far apart. Give yourselves space to collect the bubbles, but there is no need to tank the bosses more than 15-20 yards apart. It also doesn’t matter which way you face them.


Healing This Encounter:

The encounter is extremely straightforward and ultimately there is very little damage to heal. The ticking debuffs mean that it is crucial every player has an aura of one colour or the other to negate half the damage. However, Tank damage is relatively light and so long as players are DPSing the correct boss there is very little damage.

If a player is slow changing aura on a Vortex cast it is possible to save them with Pain Suppression (or Iceblock etc) but given how simple it is to change aura this shouldn’t be a problem. Guardian Spirit may also work, however the Vortex strikes players several times so negating one killing blow may not be enough, particularly on 25 man.

Players may also take damage from collecting the wrong orbs, or from AoE if they are attempting to burn down the shield for a boss they don’t have the right aura for. The damage is not extreme, but you should be prepared for it.

Spells to Use

Because of the ticking nature of the damage it makes spells like Prayer of Mending extremely powerful as well as Renew and obviously Druid HoTs.

The damage done by the Val’kyr is Shadow Damage and Fire Damage so it is possible to negate some of it with appropriate resistance spells or auras.


There is not a lot to do in this encounter as a healer so you can make good use of yourself paying attention to what is going on, calling out Heals, and Vortex casts as the Val’kyr attempt them.

Let the DPS collect the bubbles, you don’t need them.

This is definitely the simplest fight to heal and to be honest, it’s mostly a gimmick fight. Collecting the bubbles and changing auras is initially interesting, but there is very little of any danger. Losing a few DPS can make the fight impossible if you don’t have enough to burn down the Shields, but ultimately there is little reason anybody should die unless they are not paying attention.


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