Healing Trial of the Champions: Anub’arak

September 8, 2009 at 7:16 pm (Grouping, Guardian Spirit, Healing Mechanics, Power Word: Shield, Prayer of Healing, Prayer of Mending, Raiding, Trial of the Champion)

Anub’arak is the last boss in Trial of the Champion. He’s quite straight forward.

When you engage the encounter there is some fun Malygos-esque floor explosion and some non-hostile trash to clear out of the way.


From Wowwiki

The fight comes in three phases:

Phase 1

Anub’arak will be picked up by the main tank and tanked just a little behind the centre of the room.

In 10 man he hits the tank with frost and physical damage for around 15k on a Tier 8 tank so that’s reasonably high, twice that in 25 man. It also freezes the tank briefly in place, but that’s no big deal because Anub’arak doesn’t need to move.

DPS begins on Anub’arak. Save Heroism/Bloodlust for Phase 3, but DPS as hard as you can.

Nerubian Burrowers

Anub’arak will periodically summon Nerubian Burrower adds. Only one at a time on 10 man, two on 25 man.

The Burrowers will be off tanked, (one tank per Burrower because they stack nature debuffs,) and DPSed. They will periodically burrow and heal to full if possible. To stop this happening you have to Tank them on top of patches of Permafrost.


You create patches of Permafrost by attacking blue ice orbs which float around the room, they have only 9,000 health and die very quickly.

So once an add spawns it is picked up, moved onto a patch of permafrost, and killed.

After a period of time, Anub’arak will burrow and phase two will begin.

Phase 2

Clear up any remaining adds left from Phase 1.

Pursuing Spikes & Impale

Anub’arak will pick a player and start to shoot spikes up from under the ground which creep towards the player. Players hit will take some damage. If he reaches his target he will shoot much larger spikes doing almost 20,000 damage, throwing them, and anybody nearby, into the air and causing them to take 50% fall damage. As a result, it’s important players do not get caught.

However, if Anub’arak shoots spikes up into a patch of Permafrost they will fail, removing the patch of permafrost, but causing no damage and making Anub’arak choose a new target to follow.

The other aspect of this Phase is that periodically small burrower adds will appear, they have very little health, and do not hit very hard, clear them as you go. In theory you should avoid tanking them as they stack a nature debuff, but, in 10 man at least, it’s insignificant.

After some time in Phase 2, Anub’arak will reappear, (without resetting aggro,) and return to Phase 1.

Phase 3

When Anub’arak hits 30% he switches to Phase 3. In Phase 3 Anub’arak will stop summoning adds and Permafrost is no longer needed. Instead he will gain the Leeching Swam aura.

Leeching Swarm

This aura damages all players in the raid for 10% of their current health every second, (250 minimum). This damage also heals Anub’arak. At this point therefore the fight becomes a pure DPS race before the healers run out of mana. This is the time for Heroism/Bloodlust.

Anub’arak dies, you loot and party.

Healing the Encounter

Phase 1 is about Tank healing, Anub’arak hits reasonably hard, and the adds themselves are no slouches. However there are no big surprises here, and no big spikes of damage.

Phase 2 is equally not very healing focused. If players are hit with the normal spikes they take some light damage. On the other hand, if Anub’arak reaches his target the hit is essentially unhealable given the fall damage that quickly follows it. Shields then Penance, or Guardian Spirits and so forth would do the job, but ultimately there is no reason anybody should get caught. Just spread out on Permafrost and let him come to you.

Phase 3 is the tricky phase given the Leeching Swarm debuff. Because the damage scales with the health of the player it’s quite hard for somebody to actually die from it. However, the risk here is you running out of mana and the entire raid wiping. Finally, because the raid damage heals Anub’arak up, the healing here is quite counter intuitive. You should keep players around 30% health rather than topping them up. This way they take much less damage, save you mana, and heal Anub’arak for less. Whilst it’s not pleasant having players on 30%, they take very little damage at that stage. Of course, the tank is the obvious exception and should be kept healed.

Prayer of Mending and Prayer of Healing are excellent for this Phase. If in doubt, just take turns dropping Prayer of Healing on each group.

Overall this fight is very simple for healers. I suppose it requires a certain level of raid DPS to get to Phase 3 in a timely manner. After all, you can only DPS Anub’arak in Phase 1, and only when no adds are up. If you are having problems with that you could spend more time DPSing Anub’arak and leave one of the adds to be killed in Phase 2 instead. However that’s more dangerous given the spikes in Phase 2.

Once you’re in Phase 3 it’s all about whether you have enough DPS to burn him down. As a healer you can help there by not keeping people’s health too high to keep the healing on Anub’arak to a minimum.

While the fight is fun, I don’t feel it’s particularly difficult and the loot is sweet. Perdition in particular on 10 man is a nice staff.

That’s the end of the Trial of the Champion healing series. I hope it’s been useful, and good luck with it.


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