Brewfest: Don’t drink and Deliver!

September 19, 2009 at 2:05 pm (Achievements, World Events)

Well, it certainly has been a very long strange trip and we’re on the home straight. I’m taking away memories of desperately trying to get the “You’re Great!” candy on my last attempt on the last day of Love is in the Air. Or staying up until three in the morning getting the Easter Achievement before the eggs got camped. Well it’s coming to an end and, in my opinion, it’s finishing up with the very best of the Holidays.When Dwarves Attack!

Long Strange Trip aside, Brewfest for me is a real highlight of the WoW calender. It’s my absolute favourite holiday, and I can’t get enough of it. In particular the daily quests for There and Back Again, and This One Time, When I Was Drunk are a (drunken) riot. Most of the achievements are very straight forward. The ones that I think will require a little effort are Disturbing the Peace and Brew of the Month which just require the player to purchase a few items with tickets. Getting those tickets is straight forward, but you are limited in how many you can get, so it’s important to do your dailies and not waste the tickets.

To buy the three clothing items you need 350 tickets (if it’s the same as last year) and another load for Brew of the Month. My very first tip would be: Do Disturbing the Peace first. If it’s anything like the previous holidays you can buy the three pieces of clothing, do the Disturbing the Peace achievement, then return the clothing to get a ticket refund. This means you can re-spend those tickets on Brew of the Month and save yourself a load of tickets. If this is possible, then 350 tickets is the target.

I’m going to try and give some tips on my favourite dailies to try and help people get their tickets quicker. This is not the only source of tickets, but these are the repeatable ones.

The three dailies are:

  • There and Back Again (actually twice daily, it can be done every twelve hours)
  • This One Time, When I Was Drunk (also twice daily, once every 12 hours)
  • Bark for the Barleybrews!

This One Time, When I Was Drunk

The quest itself is looted from a Cog left on the ground in the middle of the Brewfest camp. Once you get the quest, you turn it straight in for 10 tickets. To actually get the Cog to appear however your faction needs to fight off the Dark Iron Dwarf attack on the camp. The attacks take place every half hour beginning about 30 seconds before the hour/half hour mark. If you arrive late you can still loot the Cog and get the quest if your faction was successful.

You fight the Dwarves off by throwing beer mugs at them to knock them all out before they managed to ruin the festival by destroying the three Beer kegs in the camp. To throw a mug, you loot one off of the tables, click it to drink it, and then you will automatically throw it in front of you. During the attack, the NPCs around the camp will help you out by throwing you a new cup as soon as you throw yours away.

Because you’re drinking every mug you throw you will quickly get wasted (like an Englishman in Ibiza). So less authentic, but very helpful is to turn off Full Screen Glow in the video effects settings. This will stop your screen blurring when you’re drunk and make it much easier to see.

When the attack starts you should already have a cup ready to drink and throw at the nearest Dwarf and have it hot-keyed. It takes a little time to learn exactly how quickly you can throw a cup at a Drill and hit a freshly spawned Dwarf. A rough guide is that as soon as the drill stops moving you should start throwing. This quest used to be competitive and gave you a ticket for every Dwarf you knocked out which meant it was very important to be quick. Since then it’s been change to be a cooperative effort to just fight the Dwarves off. This means it is actually a lot easier during busy server times, whereas at awkward hours, or later in the Festival it can be much harder. This cooperative version is a bit less frantic, and a bit less fun, put probably makes a lot more sense given the lag and chaos that used to go on. Nevertheless, when fighting the dwarves every little bit helps so stand next to one of the cup servers to cut down how long it takes you to receive a new cup.

Periodically large beer cups will appear on the floor which, when you run over them, will cause you to do a whirlwind and shoot out extra cups. When you get these (which you should) run over any dwarves you see and you will cut them down in droves.

You do want to protect the Kegs not just shoot dwarves. So concentrate on those Dwarves closest to the Kegs. Once they have been beaten off you can turn in the quest for your tickets.

Goats, Giddyup and Apple BarrelsBrewfest Mount

The next two Brewfest dailies make use of the special Brewfest mount mechanic. Brewfest Mounts run at various different speeds. When you get on them you are given a special Riding Crop which you can click on (or hot-key) to Giddyup! the mount. The mount can either walk, trot, canter or gallop. Galloping is extremely fast but while you are doing it your mount will accumulate stacks of Exhaustion. Similarly with Cantering although you accumulate the stacks much more slowly. If you mount reaches 100 stacks it will drop to an extremely slow walk for around ten seconds. Whilst walking or trotting your mount will slowly lose stacks of exhaustion.

The key with these mounts is to periodically use the crop to maintain the mount speed you want. Using it repeatedly will push you to a gallop, whereas to trot you use the crop only once every few seconds.

You can remove your exhaustion stacks by riding near to an Apple Barrel. These are stationed in various areas, particularly for the There and Back Again “race track”.

Bark for the Barleybrews!

This quest is relatively straight forward and can be done once a day at any time from one of the two competing Brewers at the festival. You will be given a Brewfest mount and told to advertise the wares around your major city within a certain time. This mount uses the special Brewfest mount mechanic just mentioned. You have to ride around town quickly to do the quest in a particular amount of time by riding into four flagged areas. There is time to do the quest so long as you don’t try and go too fast and exhaust your mount several times. Keep at a strong canter with periodic galloping instead of galloping the whole time.

Once you’ve completed the fourth flag advertisement you can dismount from the special mount, switch to your own mount and ride at full speed to return the quest. This can save you some time. If you fail to do the quest in time you can abandon it and retry.

There and Back Again

This quest involves riding a Brewfest mount back and forth to collect and deliver as many kegs as you can within a short time. Every keg you deliver extends your timer.

This quest is a personal favourite of mine, probably my favourite in the whole game as I really enjoy squeezing as much time as I can out of it. It’s the Mario Kart Time Trial freak in me.

The rock!On the Horde side I see a lot of people take very inefficient routes. It’s very possible to get twelve or thirteen keg deliveries in during the time you are given and if you really push it you can get even more. The key is to take the most direct line. I’m sorry alliance, I’ve never done the quest on your side so I can only speak to the Horde on this one, but the principles carry over. You gallop the entire time, do not slow at all, ever.

You ride in a completely straight line between the two NPCs. It is tempting to deviate off this line to get to apple barrels, but if you get the line right and cut all the right corners you do not need to.

You collect your keg and run in a perfectly straight line towards the rock on the east of the canyon. Just behind this rock is an Apple Barrel so skirting the east side of the rock you clip this apple barrel and ride directly towards the Keg giver. Don’t miss the apple barrel, you need to be completely refreshed as you start your run to the Keg giver.

The key here is not to ride all the way to him. Once you are within ~15 yards he will throw the barrel to you. Before the barrel leaves his hand you want to have turned around and be riding back to the apple barrel at the rock. If you turn too early you won’t get close enough to have him throw a keg. If you turn too late you won’t quite be able to make it back to the apple barrel before your mount is exhausted. This is where you make or break your run each time. Learning exactly where you can turn, not too early, not too late, is the key to maximising your deliveries. If memory serves, it’s on the slightly dark patch around about the blue cross:

Turn point

Most people don’t take this direct route, they either ride straight past the keg giver to the apple barrel behind him, or they collect their keg then run to the closer apple barrel to the west which is a less efficient route. The route I’m suggesting is much higher risk because you are more likely to exhaust yourself, but it’s a lot more fun! In my experience, even if you exhaust yourself twice the, the route I’m suggesting is efficient enough that you can make the time back up over somebody taking one of these other two routes. My experience in the past says that twelve deliveries is possible. Enjoy it, Brewfest only comes once a year.

Anyway, good luck, enjoy Brewfest, and Happy Violet Proto-Drake Day! I’d love to hear some stories if you have any about your Long Strange Trip.



  1. justsigneduptopost said,

    Thanks for the tips! Especially the one about dismounting and riding back after shouting, I only had a few seconds left after doing that quest.

    If you do these quests every day, here’s a handy macro.

    /use [mounted] Ram Racing Reins; Complimentary Brewfest Sampler

  2. Jordan said,

    For “There and Back Again” on the Alliance side, I recommend going for the apples always (except for the apple crate in Kharanos, near the keg-thrower. That one is just too out of the way.)

    Perhaps our apples are more handy, because it sounds from your description of the Horde version, the apples take you out of your way? Or maybe I’m just being ineffecient. Though I always grab the two apples and I always get 12-18 coins.

    I haven’t tried for Long Strange Trip (I just got WoW in May) but I’ll be a Brewmaster when I get 6 more coins 🙂

    – Nearsighted, Durotan US

  3. SpotHeal said,

    I’ll have to log an alliance character and try it out! Thanks for the tips both of you.

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