Prayer of Mending: Use it more!

November 10, 2009 at 9:27 pm (5 mans, Glyphs, Grouping, Healing Mechanics, Mana, Prayer of Mending, Raiding, User Interface)

Nobody uses Prayer of Mending as much as they should do. I love it, I use it a lot, but never enough. It is, by far, the best heal in the entire game. I want to drive that home a little.

There are pretty much three ways a Healer can wipe a raid: a) Die themselves, b) Let the Tank die, c) Lose control of raid damage. Whilst Prayer of Mending won’t really help you with (a) and (b)  it will help you keep a tight lid on raid damage by offering you every other advantage you could want:

  • Cheap
  • Lots of Healing
  • Multiple Targets
  • Quick to Cast
  • Heals over time
  • Smart Healing

You’re probably saying: “Great, bullet points! That’s exactly what I need when I’m trying to keep a raid alive…”
Okay, I do get that. Numbers aren’t exciting, but what I want to get across though is just how amazing Prayer of Mending is because if you aren’t casting it every single time it’s off cooldown you better have a good reason not to. So there will be numbers. The point is, Prayer of Mending comes out top on a lot of scales.

Efficiency compared to other spells

Prayer of Mending is the most efficient healing spell you have. In fact, it’s pretty much the most efficient healing spell anybody has. It is more than twice as efficient as Penance (Disc’s next best HPM spell), and more than twice as efficient as a Glyphed Circle of Healing (Holy’s next best HPM spell). It’s better than Nourish, it’s better than Riptide and Chain Heal. It’s much better than Beaconed Holy Light.

For example, for Discipline:


Total Healing

Prayer of Mending is only behind Prayer of Healing (Glyphed) in terms of the total Healing it does. If you have either the Tier 7 two piece, or the Tier 9 two piece then the extra 20% healing makes the it practically the same amount.

For example, for Holy:


Healing done per time casting:

Whilst slightly behind Prayer of Healing in terms of total healing done, nevertheless the fact that Prayer of Mending is cast at instant speed means it is a much more efficient use of your time. You can use it while running, and you can much more easily fit it in during a tight situation.

For example, for Discipline:



The large number of targets it heals means that Prayer of Mending scores a large number of crits. As a result it regularly procs Surge of Light as Holy. If you’re Discipline then those crits translate into a large number of Divine Aegis procs on raid members.

My Prayer of Mending (with 2 piece Tier 9) is healing for 5-7k and critting for 8-11k. As a result it does quite a lot of overhealing now, but, because of Divine Aegis, every one of those crits equates to an additional 2-4k shield on the target. So a crit Prayer of Mending is healing for up to 15k per target. That’s as much as a Greater Heal, and it’s doing it for half the mana cost, on five targets, and takes one global cooldown to cast… nerf? This is as Discipline. As Holy you have some nice talents adding scaling to Prayer of Mending and the cost and cooldown are decreased. So for both specs it’s an obscenely powerful heal.

For Prayer of Mending at least, which isn’t an instant heal, Haste is a very poor increase. Hasting your global cooldown frees you up to cast a new spell after Prayer of Mending, but no real benefit beyond that. Crit on the other hand is extremely powerful as a stat to scale with Prayer of Mending. Particularly with Divine Aegis able to make up for any overhealing.

Smart Heal

Prayer of Mending has some basic smart healing built into it. When you cast it on a player it will sit on that player until they receive damage. When they do, it will heal that player and then quickly check for a new target in range to jump to. It seems to prefer targets in this order:

  1. Biggest Health Deficit
  2. Lowest total health

This means that, for example, if I cast it on the Tank and no other player has taken damage it will usually jump to a clothie as they usually have the least health. When they take damage it jumps again. As such, in a 5 man you can usually expect 2-3 tank heals from a Prayer of Mending. In a raid situation where there is more AoE damage you can expect it to heal cloth classes and the lowest health players. Just what you’d want!

All too often I only notice I don’t have Prayer of Mending up because the raid is taking, what seems like, a lot of extra damage. By then it’s not exactly too late, but I’ve made things harder than they have to be. If I’d just kept Prayer of Mending up more I wouldn’t have dug myself into the hole. Prayer of Mending does its work behind the scenes so it’s easy to forget how much it’s helping you. Don’t forget your bouncy little friend and let him do the work for you.

Tier Set bonuses

Currently the Tier 7 and the Tier 9 set bonuses both have extremely good Prayer of Mending based set bonuses. In both cases it’s the two piece bonus which makes it easy to get and easy to hang on to. The tier 7 causes Prayer of Mending to jump six times instead of 5. This means it heals more targets for no extra cost. The Tier 9 bonus causes Prayer of Mending to do 20% more healing. This makes your Prayer of Healing do substantial amounts of healing on each target, equivalent to somewhere between a Flash and a Greater Heal, again for no extra mana cost. It does increase the overhealing it does, but because it’s free healing it’s hard to complain about that.

How you can make sure you use it more

Hopefully then you are now, like me, realising you want to make sure you are keeping Prayer of Mending up as much as possible.
First get a good Unit Frame addon which will allow you to easily see where your Prayer of Mending is. This will allow you to make sure it’s on the right people, and that you aren’t overhealing it with shields or HoTs. Grid, out of the box, is bad for Prayer of Mending, but HealBot, Perfect Raid and Xperl all have good support for it.

Secondly, find a way to keep good track of your Prayer of Mending cooldown. To make sure it’s always up you want to make sure you are recasting it as soon as you can to keep 100% uptime. This means not missing it coming off cooldown. Power Aura’s, DotTimer. OmniCC or other cooldown trackers can help you with this. Or Prayer of Mending Tracker if you want something dedicated. Whatever works for you, just make sure you’re keeping it up.

That’s it, good luck, and use Prayer of Mending more, there is almost never a situation where it isn’t worth the mana and time.



  1. BobTurkey said,

    Yep. PoM is the most awesome spell in the game 🙂 It even looks cool and has its own unique mechanic.

    Im use it pretty much on cool down as a single target heal.

    I track the Prayer of Mending buff in Grid, which doesn’t distinquish between my PoM and other priests, so I don’t over-write it unnecessarily, but otherwise I don’t track it. Other than that I don;t bother with duration remaining or bounces remaining. I’mr ecasting it too fast for that to be an issue.

    Gobble gobble.

  2. SpotHeal said,

    True about jumps and time remaining, not an issue. I just want to know where it is.

    However, having switched to Grid recently I am having trouble effectively tracking my PoM which has really brought home to me how much I need it.

    Where do you display yours, what other buffs display there, and what sort of Grid plugins are you using for it?

  3. Xill said,

    though only hlf a bar away from 80 i use PoM a lot aswell 🙂

    though ican’t really find any way to track it in grid :O

  4. Xill said,

    ok sorry for spamming but scrap that… i found it xD…

    anyways PoM is indeed a really good spell

  5. SpotHeal said,

    To add, because I went out and found it too:
    You can add new buffs to Grid through the Aura tab. Add Prayer of Mending, then you can select it from the list of items you want to show up in a particular place.
    When you add it, make sure to select that you only want it to show your Prayer of Mending if that’s what you want.

  6. BobTurkey said,

    SpotHeal said, “Where do you display yours, what other buffs display there, and what sort of Grid plugins are you using for it?”

    Bottome right corner of my Grid as a dark blue dot. This does not distinguish between my PoM and other priests. This is actually a good thing as it prevents me (mostly) overwritting it.

    I use a Power Aura to remind me when its off CD.

    I didn’t realise there was an option to show only my PoM in Grid 🙂 Perhaps i’ll add a different colour dot in the same place as my current PoM dot, but with a higher priority, so I cant ell where mine is. Maybe.


  7. SpotHeal said,

    Having my own show with a higher priority. Now that I like

  8. Xill said,

    at the place you normaly get the ghost text or dead when someone releases… there is room open..
    i’ve filled my PoM there seeing how many jumps it got (via the color of the text) and the duration (because the text are numbers :P) very easy to trach as it shows other priests PoM the same way

  9. Fikarpojken @ LB EU said,


    Just wanted to say that this is a great blog. I’ve been looking for a priest-blog for quite a while now, and this one is really great! Especially this post.

    There are loads of priests out there who, just like me when i was new @ 80, just use FH, PoH, CoH and sometimes GH. People need to know that PoM is the best heal we got! And perhapps the best heal there is!

    Well, keep up the good work, and keep updating! =D

    // Vic

  10. oixi said,

    i think for holy priest 1. place is renew – its doing 30-50% of my heals why raiding icc
    2. CoH with glyph so it hits 6 targets and 4p t10
    3. PoM

    for disc 1. is PW:S no doubt and no discussion and this is most effective healing (preserving) spell in game
    2. divine aegis
    3. PoM

    and i agree PoM should be used on every CD no matter if there is some charges left

    here is some log from icc25

  11. priestlyheal said,

    If you want a great addon for priests xperl is fantastic and you can enlarge the icons for your buffs so you can easily track the Pom spell.

    I love Pom and sinc ei hit 68 i have used it evertime the CD resets. I agree that it is the best heal in the game.

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