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October 9, 2009 at 3:59 pm (Grouping, Healing Mechanics, Macros)

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve not been very well. I’ll try and get something up over the weekend if I improve.

On the topic of being a little ill, a few Macro’s I use to manage healing:

Cure Disease and Abolish Disease

/castsequence reset=4/target Abolish Disease, Cure Disease, Cure Disease, Cure Disease

Which will initially cast Abolish Disease. If you don’t press it again for four seconds, or you change target to another player it will reset to casting Abolish Disease again. However, if you have reason to cast additional Cure Diseases on the target (perhaps because the Disease is very powerful) then you can do so by pressing the button additional times within four seconds of the first press.

Disease Cures

Power Infusion and Prayer of Healing

#showtooltip Prayer of Healing
/cast [target=player] Power Infusion
/cast Prayer of Healing

Will cast Power Infusion on yourself  when you cast Prayer of Healing. I find this is a good use of Power Infusion because Prayer of Healing is expensive, slow, and usually if I’m casting it then there is a reasonable amount of damage to heal.

Shackle Macro using Focus

/clearfocus [modifier:alt]
/stopmacro [modifier:alt]
/focus [target=focus,dead]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/cast [button:2] Shackle Undead; [target=ebon gargoyle, exists,harm] Shackle Undead; [target=focus] Shackle Undead

Will cast Shackle on your target and set it as your focus. Any further attempts to shackle will always be case on your focus target so long as it exists and is alive. To clear your focus target you hold down the alt button.

Additionally, I’ve added a conditional to prefer Ebon Gargoyles so that if I’m in PvP I have a quick way of shackling a Death Knight Gargoyle.

Pain Suppression plus announcement

#showtooltip Pain Suppression
/run if GetSpellCooldown(“Pain Suppression”)==0 then SendChatMessage(“Pain Suppress on %t”,”Say”,nil,5) SlashCmdList[“IN”](“8 /say Pain Suppress gone!”)end
/cast Pain Suppression

I’ve since written a small addon I use to handle Pain Suppression, however without doing that this is a good little macro. When you press the button it will check if your Pain Suppression is on cooldown. If it isn’t then it will announce who you are casting Pain Suppression on and attempt to do so. 8 seconds later, as Pain Suppression wears off it will announce that Pain Suppression is fading. Good for keeping other Healers and Tanks appraised of what you’re doing.

While on the subject of keeping others appraised of what you’re doing, I’ve got an announcement to make in the near future. Watch this space.


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