Graph comparing the value of 1MP5 against 2 Spirit for Discipline Priests

Intellect is plotted along the bottom and the value of 2 spirit along the Y axis. The magical point being where a line crosses the 1 value. This is the point where two spirit is worth 1 mp5. That’s significant because it would seem that items usually have about twice as much spirit as MP5.

Blessing of Kings and 3/3 Enlightenment are taken into account.

Lines are plotted for various different amounts of time inside the 5 second rule (where you are getting less Spirit Regen).

So for questing where you probably spend very little of your time actually in combat, spirit is very good even at low intellect levels.

On the other hand, when you are raiding you will be inside the 5 second rule probably 85% of the time, and so Spirit is less valuable than MP5 unless you have unreasonably high levels of of intellect.

However, it’s seems it’s still rather close cut. If you’ve got around 14-1500 intellect raid buffed then 2 Spirit is worth around 0.9 MP5 for an 85% 5 second rule time. That’s not substantially less and (I feel) makes it not unreasonable to take Spirit instead of MP5 if you rate other stats higher. For example, if you are lacking in haste it would seem to me reasonable to pickup a spirit/haste piece in preference to an MP5/Crit piece. The Spirit is not quite as good as the MP5, but if you like Haste enough then the spirit might be “good enough”. Your mileage may vary.

Spiri Vs MP5


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