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June 6, 2010 at 2:34 pm (Healing Mechanics, Raiding, Uncategorized, User Interface) (, , , , , , )

When it comes to User Interface there are really two aspects to it. The first is getting the right addons, the second is configuring them the right way. Players care very much about the first, but less so about the second. I know most players use DBM, but I haven’t the faintest idea how 99% of players set their DBM up. So I want to talk generally about making sure you have the right sorts of addons, and that they are in the right places to get you important information when and where you need it.

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What do I need to know?

There are three things you absolutely need to know when you are healing a fight.

  1. What spells to use
  2. Who to Heal
  3. Where you should be

A good healer is constantly keeping these three things in mind. What spells do I have? Who do I need to heal? Am I safe? Typically I think about them in that order. This way I know what spells I have available right as I go to heal somebody. It’s not a big deal if you order yours differently, but it is important to have an order and to go through them each in turn.

These three points cover the basics, but there is a lot more detail to each of them. I’ve colour coded it so that it’s pretty. Also because it’s important.

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